Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 6 & 7

Oops yall. I got so busy yesterday and didn't have a chance to post. Me and my ladies went out for some boyfriend-free dinner and shopping! We had the most fun!
Anyways, yesterday was a picture of my favorite memory, well I don't have a picture of it but i'll tell you about it.
One of my favorite memories is of the first time Beau said he loved me! It wasn't a particularly spectacular moment but I love it all the same. We had been dating for about 1 month. I had been thinking about saying it for awhile, but being a traditional southern woman, I waited for him to say it first. We were just getting ready to say goodnight after lounging on the couch watching movies all evening, and he just said it! It was very special because I was so excited to be able to say it back immediately and mean it wholeheartedly! <3
I guess sometimes you just know :)

for today the picture is for someone I'd love to trade place with for a day. My person is none other than the fabulous, graceful, dignified Grace Kelly.

First off, she was a PRINCESS! She was a wildly successful actress before she landed her royal beau, who bestowed an almost 11 karat ring on her. She had unparalleled beauty and grace. And did I mention she was a PRINCESS?!