Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 7 & 8

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was just being lazy and enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having. I'll try not to make this a habit! 

Day 7: A picture of my most treasured item

This is a love letter from Beau that he wrote for our 10 month anniversary (yes we celebrate months!). When he gave this to me I started crying after the first sentence! It was filled with wonderful, thoughtful sentiments that truly touched my heart. It doesn't hurt that it includes claims of how great a cook I am and how wonderful a mother he thinks I will be! :) 

Day 8: A picture that makes me laugh

This is a picture of me and Beau's mutual friend on a cruise with us and his former ex-girlfriend back in 2009. I don't exactly remember what he was doing but it was funny then and its funny now! Don't you think? 

What are some of yall's most treasured items? Have any funny pictures you want to share? 

On a side note, I'm going to start making Wednesday's "Recipe Wednesday". I love to cook new recipes and would I be right in thinking that yall would love some recipes too? So upcoming this Wednesday, Manicotti alla Romana!