Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday's Royal Fancies

Like a lot of other people on the planet, I watched (and loved!) the royal wedding this morning. Actually I watched it after a nice long peaceful sleep! I just couldn't bring myself to get up early and I'm glad I didn't since I fast forwarded through all the coverage of the common people. Haha.

I guess my invite got lost in the mail because I never received it, imagine that! If I had gone, I would have liked to have worn something like this:

My first polyvore! So neat!

I have to say, Catherine stole the show in her beautiful gown. It reminded me a lot of Grace Kelly's wedding dress. Either way she looked stunning. A few of my favorite moments from the day:

How did yall celebrate this historic occasion? I wish I had thought to have a big watch party, they looked like such fun! 

And remember, pinkies up ladies!