Tuesday, May 3, 2011


So for the very first time I went to cupcake on Lincoln Street. Can I just say, so cute (and delicious)! Cupcake has three locations in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston and Columbia (duh!). They have a menu that changes throughout the week and seasons which means there will always be something new to try! You can check out their menu here. They make mini cupcakes that would be just perfect at a cocktail party, jumbo cupcakes (by order) for small get-togethers and they even do wedding cupcakes!
In addition to delicious cupcakes, Cupcake also started donating the leftover cupcakes each night to various causes.

They have some of the most imaginative and scrumptious cupcakes! Today I tried the French Toast:

The always daring Beau tried the Vanilla with Chocolate:

Others that sound delicious include:

At $3 a cupcake, the price is a little steep. Also, Beau was not impressed, but I loved mine. I think to really enjoy them you have to get something you wouldn't (or couldn't) make at home.

Sorry for all the yummy cupcake pictures at the beginning of bikini season, but everyone needs a little indulgence!

And check out this cool delivery car for the store in Charleston!