Monday, May 16, 2011

Dual Survival...sort of.

I'm back! Beau and I's camping trip was great, everything we needed. There were a few downs (rain!), but overall the trip was great. Friday we drove along the parkway to Crabtree Falls where we were staying and set up camp.

We saw turkeys! SIX times!

On Saturday, we spent the day at Mt. Mitchell. The fog was pretty heavy that morning when we climbed Mt. Mitchell the first time so we came back after lunch. We ate at Mt. Mitchell's very own restaurant, "the highest restaurant on the east coast". It had the most amazing views! And the food was delicious! Beau and I couldn't decide who's was better!

After Lunch we re-hiked Mt. Mitchell, which isn't really a hike, more like a ten minute walk up a steep pathway. Then we decided to hike to Mt. Craig, a real hike. Mt. Craig is only about 40 feet shorter than Mt. Mitchell! The hike was labeled strenuous, so we got a great workout and the payoff was so rewarding!

That peak is where we are going!

And we are here!

Beau and I can't wait for our next trip. We want to camp at Mt. Mitchell next time. Since its so high up it'll be perfect for summer camping!