Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So let me start off by saying I am not a short hair kind of girl. The couple of times I have gotten a short haircut were a complete disaster and I cried for days (ridic I know). This time I found Laura on the internet by searching for DevaCurl trained hairstylists. If you are a curly girl you understand the importance of finding someone who knows how to cut CURLY hair because it is indeed not at all the same.

So up until today I have been sporting the same look give or take 2 inches since 8th grade. I am a junior in COLLEGE now. It was time for a change.

Anyways, I've been loathing the upkeep of having long hair and with summer right around the corner I thought it'd be the perfect time to try a new style. Plus my confidence was boosted by Laura's training. So at 11 hundred hours I took the plunge and told her I wanted it off.

Oh and side note: Beau loves long hair and would've liked if I kept growing what I had out. So before I leave he jokingly says "Hope it doesn't make you look ugly". Thanks babe, thanks.

Here's before and after:

Sorry for the sketchy mirror phone pictures.

So when I left I felt brave and powerful and was on a high from the big change. Now I kinda miss my long locks. I think I'm just having a case of the grass is always greener.

What do yall think of my new do?